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ZIA is involved in multiple different projects, all aiming at training and thereby empowering underprivileged people (to sustain their own lives).

ZIA School

Introduced in 2017, ZIA School recruits young and motivated people as students. A special focus lies on those who have had little or no access to proper education in their previous lives and long for a professional perspective.

The ZIA School aims at training and empowering them to become farmers, agriculture advisors and/or agriculture professionals (three-in-one concept).

The school program consists of eight different courses (Crops Science; Livestock Production; Farm Management and Extension; Farm Machinery and Engineering; Agriculture Economics; Aquaculture; Land and Natural Resource Management; Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture) held over a period of three years.

The graduates are equipped with a broad knowledge in these multidisciplinary topics and are therefore well prepared for a professional career running their own businesses or being employed by companies and farmers.

ZIA Cooperation with Government Schools

In March 2018, The Zambian Ministry of General Education has partnered with ZIA to revamp Production Unit in schools.

The cooperation consists of Primary and Secondary school projects aiming at using and expanding given resources and opportunities.

From 1,004 schools in the Copperbelt Province, 21 schools have already benefited from the very start of this cooperation on.

They set the successful base for expansion into regional and national dimensions in the upcoming years.

Agriculture Training, Consultancy & Research

ZIA conducts training and consulting in the following categories:
• Conservation Agriculture (CA)
• Foundation for Farming Principles
• Water and Sanitation
• Food Security Strategies
• Food and Nutrition for both Adults and Infants

ZIA conducts research trails and seed crop demonstrations for the government agriculture research department and seed companies. The demonstrations are based on either already released seed crop varieties or unreleased seed crop varieties.

Women & Youth Empowerment

The ZIA Empowerment Programs includes projects supporting especially women and young people to grow their own agricultural businesses.

This is accomplished by training them as well as providing them with inputs such as seed, fertilizer and agricultural chemicals for gardening or chicks and feed for poultry farming.

On another level, ZIA gives out microloans, enabling financially underprivileged people to start investing in their own business ideas and plans in order to achieve a self-sustaining life.

In this context of empowerment, ZIA also founded the Evergreen FC, a girls’ soccer team, mostly comprising girls with difficult family backgrounds.

The major intent of the program is the development of the girls’ physical and mental capabilities and to encourage social activities and cohesion among the girls. The Evergreen FC currently plays in the National Women Soccer League.


In our thinking, partnership is the key to a powerful and successful development. We are permanently seeking strong partners who are willing to share the ZIA Vision & Mission and to work hand in hand for a bright Zambian future.

Our understanding of partnership is not limited to giving or receiving monetary funding, but to share and exchange knowledge and resources.

Successful partnerships with The Zambian Ministry of General Education and different national and international organisations prove us we are on the right track.

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